Who We Are

SSL Authentics is an authorized reseller of the largest Platinum Partners of the world’s leading Certification Authorities (CAs) and offers wide-range of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) at a very low cost, which are specially designed for individuals and enterprises to establish a secure environment in the age of the cyber world.

What We Do

We provide the security technology for establishing an encrypted link between web server and browser. SSL is a tool to create a trusted environment, where potential customers will have a sense of confidence with your website.

Platinum Partners of the World's Leading CAs

All of SSL Authentics’ digital security certificates are exactly the same as what the CAs sell, what makes us stand out from the rest is that our products are available at much more affordable rate. Unlike other SSL Certificate providers, We make the long-term commitments and sign the big fat contracts so you don’t have to worry about that… and we are then able to easily pass these savings on to our customers.

Industry Best Money Back Guarantee

Unlike some of our competitors, who offer anywhere from 15 days to less, we offer a full 30 days money back guarantee on all of our certificates. Let's face it, things can go wrong in the world of SSL and web security, thus we want our customers to feel that their purchases are protected, even when unexpected hiccups occur.